BBR001 – The Billiards Biohacker Report: Intro To Biohacking

Well, the first episode of The Billiards Biohacker Report is complete.  Here is an outline of what I cover in this inaugural episode.

  • Why I started a blog and podcast about biohacking & billiards
  • A high-level overview of the principles of biohacking
  • My current biohacking project:  Hacking my eyesight through Brock String training
  • Future biohacking project (teaser):  Whole Brain Power

Show Notes:

If you want to read about the concept of biohacking, in more detail, go to  Also, there are some well-known biohackers out there that are doing some really fascinating research and self-experimentation.  Folks like Dave Asprey from and Tim Ferris, author of “The 4-Hour Body” & “The 4-Hour Work Week”, are leading the way in this department.

Convergence Insufficiency:  A problem with vision where the eyes do not converge correctly.  This is a condition that is usually only diagnosed in children.  Often times, it goes undiagnosed or misdiagnosed as ADHD or ADD.  Here are some useful links explaining more about this condition.


The Kindle book that I am referencing as part of my eye training… Eye Power: An Updated Report on Vision Therapy

Here is the video for the Brock String trianing for correcting convergence insufficiency.

My upcoming Brain Hacking Project will launch 9/20/12. It is based on the contents of the book Whole Brain Power: The Fountain of Youth for the Mind and Body

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