BBR005 – The Billiards Biohacker Report: Interview With Max Eberle

I have been following the career of pro pool player, Max Eberle for as long as I can remember.  Max is a bit of a Renaissance Man in the world of pool.  He is an accomplished pool player, pool coach, successful artist and author.  Listen in as we discuss his journey in pool, his thoughts on biohacking and the launch of his brand new website

Max Eberle is an accomplished pool player that started with success at an early age.  Winning the Junior National Championships at 18 years old.  He followed that with back-to-back collegiate championships during his years at James Madison University.  Since then he has played in and won many local and regional tournaments.  He has been ranked as high as 3rd in the Professional Pool Rankings.

He has established himself as a proven billiards coach and teacher.  He produced a successful book, Zen Pool, and the popular Powerful Pool DVD Series.

He is also active online with his growing billiards community at

His latest venture is a brand new membership site called, where he provides tons of great information, videos and personal interaction.

Max is available for lessons, one-on-one coaching and/or group events.  For more information or to book an appointment email him at

I hope you enjoy this interview, I know I did.

Stuff we talked about….

Here is a great video from Michael J. Lavery, author of Whole Brain Power.  During the interview, we discussed Max’s experience with the “hammer drill” with a ball ball peen hammer.  In this video, you can see Michael doing an amazing array of hammer drill skills with a ball peen hammer.  Also, take notice of his grip hand and stance when doing these drills right-handed.  Very similar to a pool players fundamentals.  This develops those hand-eye-body coordination motor skills and ambidextrous skills.

I talked about a concept called Heartmath and a device called the EmWave2.  Here is a quick video that explains how this device and the Heartmath techniques have been used in sports like golf.  I believe they are even more useful in pool.  I am writing a lengthy article about this concept of coherence and Heartmath.  Also, I will be doing some videos of playing pool with this device and I’ll show my heart coherence as I’m playing.  To stay up-to-date on all this stuff.  Get on my email list (right sidebar) or subscribe via rss.  It will be coming soon.  I think the video explains it a little better than I did in the interview.

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