My Vision Of The Ideal Billiards Training Facility

Just as my tagline says, I’m trying to explore ways to become superhuman on and off the pool table.  That is why I explore new and unconventional ways to try to optimize performance in pool and in other areas of life.  Things like vision training, brain training, nutrition, stress management, etc. This approach is not new to other sports, but less common in billiards.

Hammer Drills start with learning to bounce a golf ball on a rubber mallet 100’s of times, then progress to sledge hammers, claw hammers and even tack hammers.

Ultimately, what I’m working towards is a cutting-edge set of tools and methodologies to accelerate billiards training.  Not to replace billiards training, however, just enhance it.  Methods and tools to get the absolute most from time training on the pool table.  My goal is to assemble these tools in my own version of a training facility.  Basically, a suped-up billiard room.

There is no replacement for hard work and practice, but there are ways to get more results per workout session on the table.  This takes some different ways of thinking and training.  My version of a billiards training facility is vastly different than most.  If I had my perfect billiards room, it would be complete with a set of biohacking tools to accelerate learning.  Forget about break cues, jump cues and specialty racks, my training room would include the following…

  • 9 ft. Diamond pro-cut table
  • Sophisticated Video recording & play-back capabilities
  • Emwave2 – Heart rate coherence training
  • Whole Brain Training Tools
  • SPARQ Vapor Strobe eye wear
  • Vision Training Equipment
  • Whole Body Vibration Plates
The training methodologies would include 4 main pillars…
  1. Ambidextrous training
  2. Motor-skills/brain training
  3. Controlling the autonomic nervous system.
  4. Vision Training

It is with this goal in mind, that I start my whole brain training project.  This project includes training in all 4 of these pillars.

  1. Ambidextrous Training:  I will be doing daily hammer drills.  These drills will include at least half of them with my non-dominant hand, including many drills utilizing both hands in unison.  Also, I will be doing training sessions on the pool table playing a lot of left-handed pool.  Also, I will be doing extensive fine-motor skills training, through left-handed mirror image writing.
  2. Motor-skills & Whole Brain Training:  Again, I will be doing tremendous training with the hammer drills, using all different types of hammers, including 4 lb. sledge hammers.  Also, I will be doing cue calibration drills, which are a form of stroke training.  I’ll be practicing penmanship and drawing.
  3. Autonomic Nervous System Training:  I will be training, while monitoring heart-rate variability with the Emwave2, learning when my body drops into states of low heart/brain coherence.  Consequently, I will be trying different relaxation, breathing and meditative techniques with the Emwave2, in order to find out that secret trigger that sets me back into the “zone” state or feeling.
  4. Vision Training:  While there are some other really cutting-edge vision training gadgets and methods that I still want to try, the hammer drills should give me some good improvement with my vision.  Doing 3,000 strikes of hammer drills, is very demanding visually and helps to train the eyes to track a moving object in space.  Also, it helps to build the neural pathways and increase their speed.

I hope to take what I learn from this project and add in other tools to come up with a kick-ass billiards training regimen.

Anyhow, enough talk about what I’m going to do.  It is time to start training.  Lots of specifics, videos, pictures and audio,  will show how I’m doing the training.  10/14/12 is day one of training.


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