Cool Biohacking Stuff That I Want

I have lots of biohacking stuff that I want to get to “test” to see if it adds to my overall health & performance.   This includes gadgets, supplements, books, coaching programs, etc.  I’ll put these items on this page, so you can see what I might be working on in the future.

My Future Reading List

 Gadgets I drool over

I want to get a pair of NIKE SPARQ Vapor Strobeglasses. These things are used to train pro athletes in many sports. I’m really jonesin’ for a pair of these. I want to see if they would help my focus or other visual acuity when playing pool.

<—  Lance Armstrong used an Earthing Mat between stages of the Tour de France.  It aided in his recovery with limited sleep.  A lot of people use an earthing mat to recover from jet lag, too.  Walking on the earth (dirt, sand, etc.) in your barefeet, can ground you in the same way.  This is a good alternative to that, if you can’t walk around barefooted.  These are only about $60, so they will be one of the upcoming things that I will try.


 Food & Supplements I want to eat

<—Upgraded Coffee…MMMMM….from The Bulletproof Executive.  His Bulletproof Coffee recipe helped me lose 21 pounds in 21 days.  This coffee has been selected to be very low in mycotoxins, which are very prevalent in most coffee.  The cognitive impact of mycotoxins (molds) in coffee can be very bad.  I’ve been wanting to try this coffee for a while.  I need to order some.  Get Bulletproof™ Upgraded™ Coffee

<— So, what makes this whey protein better than stuff you buy at GNC?  Well, it is made from better ingredients.  When it comes to whey protein, the quality of the source and how it is processed (or not processed) can make it extremely more beneficial.  This stuff is filtered and not processed at high temperatures like most whey protein powders.  The high temp. processing damages the proteins.   This whey protein is from grass-fed cows, no fillers, hormones, antibiotics or pesticides.  I don’t use powdered whey protein powders, but I want to try this stuff.  Oh yea, I forgot to mention that it has powdered MCT oil in it, too. Get Bulletproof™ Upgraded™ Whey

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