Whole Brain Billiards Project – Day 1 & 2

I started my whole brain training, yesterday.

It was not the best day to start, because I was traveling to my daughter’s equestrian event.

However, I was only able to get a short session of hammer drills in, yesterday.

On Day 2, I did some more intensive hammer drill training and a Dual N-Back training session.

Whole Brain Billiards Biohacking Project: Day 1

Hammer Drills


  • High Run: Right Hand – 25
  • High Run: Left Hand – N/A
  • Session length:  20 minutes
  • Total Strikes: ~ 800

Emwave2 Training:  None

Billiards Training: None

Penmanship Training:  None

Memory Training:  None

Whole Brain Billiards Biohacking Project: Day 2

Hammer Drills


  • High Run: Right Hand – 75
  • High Run: Left Hand – 8
  • Session length:  20 minutes
  • Total Strikes: ~1,000


Today’s hammer drills were a bit more intense, compared to Day 1.  Day 1, I did about 800 strikes.  I think my high run in day 1, was only about 25.  Today, I had 3 runs over 70.  I was surprised that I was able to do more than 70 in only my second day.  95% of my practice was with my right hand.  Out of curiosity, I tried the left hand a few times.  It was as you would expect…very difficult.  Day 3 is going to focus on just left-handed training.  Then I’ll see if that forces my right hand to get better.



Emwave2 Training:

I performed a short session with the Emwave2 at the “high coherence” level, but it got cut short after a few minutes.  I was surprised at how quickly I got the “green light” in the level 3 setting.

Penmanship Training:  None

Billiards Training: None

Memory Training:  Dual N-Back Training Session

This was my first attempt at using Dual N-Back software.  You can see the list of scores from my first 14 minutes (20 sessions) of training.  The first 5 or 6 scores were really low, as I was trying to figure out how to use the software.  Once I got the hang of the software, I started getting a little better.  I really thought it would be easier at the Dual 2-back level, which I barely passed.  My level 3 attempts were quite humbling.  This should be interesting to see how I progress with this challenging task.

I may perform better at this, if I try it after the Emwave2 session.  I’ll have to give it a try.

This is a screen shot showing the results of my first session of Dual N-Back training using a software package called Brain Workshop.

That’s it for the Day 2 update.

For the first week or so, I will be focusing on just the hammer drills, Dual N-Back training, Emwave2 training and some pool drills.

The left and right handed writing drills will be started, when I receive my Whole Brain Power Workbook.  I want to follow the workbook, but I haven’t received it, yet.

The same is true for the sleep monitoring.  I won’t have my Zeo Sleep Manager for about another week or so.



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